About our center


True learning can only be achieved when the child feels secure, loved and accepted in the school environment. Our belief is to unify the cognitive, social-emotional, and physical dimensions of our students to enable them to learn in the most contemporary ways.

The loving faculty consisting of native Russian speakers and English speaking teachers, is informed by current research. Studies show that bilingual children display more creativity in problem-solving skills and possess a greater sensitivity to cognitive flexibility such as divergent thinking, concept formation, verbal abilities and general reasoning. A second language enables children to reinforce reading and writing skills as well as comprehension in their native language, along with a deep understanding of and appreciation for their own and other cultures. And what’s more, it gives them a head start in language requirements for later school and college and offers them increased educational and career opportunities.

We know that our students learn best by doing and we place a strong emphasis on developing their natural curiosity with the aim of graduating confident and joyful learners. We encourage traits such as academic rigor, risk-taking, resilience and creativity. Our alumni parents tell us that our center has done a stellar job of producing students who thrive at their next school, and at the same time maintain a deep connection with the Russian language. We are inspired by and integrate components of several philosophies into our program, including the strengths of Traditional Russian Schooling, Reggio Emilia, and elements of the Montessori method.

About our center


We respect each child's unique learning style, abilities and developmental level. We believe that hands-on learning, where the curriculum can emerge from the children's interests, needs and desires, allows a child to learn in a way that is concrete and meaningful and consistent with child development experts.

Tiny Einstein Child development Center’s enrichment programs are customized to the center’s bilingual and bicultural curriculum and allow each of our toddlers to tap into their inherent talent and reach their highest potential. Along with the building of academic and cultural skills, our programs and activities impart 21st century skills of positive social interaction and collaboration.