2016-2017 School Year
(Effective through July 31st 2017)
8 AM – 6 PM Monthly Rate*
3 days a week $1,475
5 days a week $1,985
*Monthly rate covers the following classes and services: music and movement, Kindergarten Preparation program, Russian, English, physical education, science and “World around us”, folk songs and performance, diapering service and more.
Please see “Classes and Services” section below for details.

Fees Due with Application:
Registration fee $300, $350 yearly material fee, $750 refundable deposit is due upon signing the contract.
Extended Classtime and Drop-in
Hours Monthly Payment Daily Drop-in Rate
7a.m. to 8 a.m.* $160 $20
8a.m. to 6 p.m.= 10 hrs/d Full day attendance (including enrichment programs) $145/day
*Early morning service is available only if more than 3 children enrolled.
Classes and Services offered in Tiny Einstein’s Preschool program
2016-2017 School Year
(Effective through July 31st 2017)
Name of the Class* Times per week 2-3.5yrs. old 3-4.5yrs. old 4-5.5 yrs old
Basic math through play 2
Basic Science through play vary
Cooking activities vary
Craft & free art 1
Dance class 1
Diapering service daily
Directional Art 1
English Language 5
Gardening vary
Kindergarten Preparation 5
Math & logic 2
Music 3
Physical Education or Gym 1
Russian Reading Technique 1
Russian Speech Development 1
Science & World Around Us 1
"Skazka" Folk lesson 1
Teacher to Child Ratio 1:6 5
Teacher to Child Ratio 1:8 5
Teacher to Child Ratio 1:12 5
*All of the listed activities are offered throughout the year and do not reflect a one-time entertainment activities or classes that will be offered not regularly.