2-3 years old


Developing Independence and Confidence, amidst the comfort of their traditional language.

Children in early preschool at Tiny Einstein, spend their days exploring, sharing and learning. Let us help your 2-year-old develop his or her independence and confidence in a cultural, affectionate setting that is familiar to them and that encourages a sense of a bilingual community. We help them adapt to new school routines and rituals.

We plan your child's activities based on a program grounded in early childhood fundamentals and combining the best of Russian academics and traditions and the American way of life. Your young learner will increase her language ability, practice early counting skills and learn to cooperate with friends through group activities. She will take on greater physical challenges and begin to communicate more effectively with adults. Our center offers age-appropriate toys and materials that help your toddler develop a love of learning. We teach toddlers through exposure to colors and different properties, block building, basic puzzles, creative games, while we work with them, in Russian and English. We balance fun and learning through dress up and discovery of their transformation in a mirror and manipulating props, such as kitchenware, in the dramatic play area.

Tiny Einstein ensures that kids have enough time to be active outdoors and develop gross motor skills. Our loving specialist teachers keep toddlers engaged through singing, dancing and mimicking, art and science, story telling, sand and water play, and playtime with cause-and-effect toys.

In a safe and loving environment, your little adventurer will find his Russian and American voice, make new friends and develop confidence in newfound abilities.

3-4 years old


Structured Learning, Exploration and Guided Play

Preschool kids at Tiny Einstein are in the process of becoming confident learners. They recognize their own name and other letters in print in Russian and English. They show a genuine interest in reading books with an adult and recall events from previous activities.

We take their confidence to the next level with hands-on education. Your 3- to 4-year-old child is ready for structured learning activities that touch on early literacy in Russian and English, Math, Science and Social Studies. Our program balances these subjects as we develop their interests and skills in Russian and English, with a focus on encouraging writing early on in preschool.

There are ample opportunities for independent exploration and a healthy dose of outdoor play to build those gross motor skills and friendships. Along with etiquette, problem solving skills and social emotional learning, our specialist teachers bring to the students – music, art, science, folk tales and theatre and gymnastics. The age appropriate classroom material is constantly rotated and updated to keep up the curiosity and interest as children learn while they play. They continue to feel comforted by the familiarity of their culture at school, especially as they reach an age where they thrive, absorb and learn in a structured setting. Our center continues to give them the best of both worlds – Russian traditions amidst an American setting.

4-5 years old


Lots of Learning and Plenty of Play

Pre Kindergarteners at Tiny Einstein are nearly ready for school. We give small-group lessons in Math, Russian and English literacy every day. We promote reading in English and Russian, Arithmetic, Science, Social Studies, storytelling and recall, participating in show and tell and strong writing skills. The center wants to ensure that they have benefitted from the highly respected academic orientation of Russian culture and the American ability to explore and articulate their thoughts. They're eager to recall events from a story and describe details, precursors for public speaking. We prepare children with lessons on words and spelling in both the languages, using the Russian reading technique, mental math concepts and valuable social skills. They become confident of their dual identities and well versed in Russian traditions and the American way of life.

It's not all work and no play. At Tiny Einstein there is plenty of time for independent indoor and outdoor play, gymnastics, science, folk tales and theatre, art and music, as well as small and large group activities, daily. Children also have free play opportunities to socialize and exercise their energetic bodies. Our comprehensive bilingual and bi-culture program makes sure to keep your child excited about school.

Let Tiny Einstein guide your young learner through the final stretch toward kindergarten, with a well thought out readiness aspect to the curriculum. With our expert educators guiding the way, your child will feel confident, communicative and emotionally ready to take the big step into the kindergarten classroom, along with having got a strong grounding in Russian culture. With lower student-to-teacher ratios, each child gets more individual attention.